ICEE’s current work in James Bay:

  • ICEE provides examinations for all children 18 years and under, served by the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority (WAHA).
  • Currently, the project aims to deliver eye care to over six thousand children in the following communities along the James and Hudson Bay: Weenusk First Nation, Fort Albany First Nation, Kashechewan First Nation, Attawapiskat First Nation, Moose Cree First Nation, and the Town of Moosonee.
  • ICEE has provided eye examinations to over 700 children in the James Bay area.

List of communities currently serving:

  • Weenusk First Nation
  • Attawapiskat First Nation
  • Kashechewan First Nation
  • Fort Albany First Nation
  • Moose Cree First Nation
  • Town of Moosonee